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To the small and medium enterprises that are troubled by business succession

Securing capital gain for founders, solving the successor problem, growing the company, the sale of non-core businesses, relieving concerns about the future... We can help you tackle these issues with M&A.


  • Strategic planning of M&A
  • Identifying and approaching potential buyers / sellers
  • Valuation
  • Supporting due diligence
  • Negotiating transaction terms

What a “Financial Advisor (FA)” does:

As compared with an “M&A broker” who stands between the seller and buyer,
operating under conflicted interests, a financial advisor acts on behalf of either side
and provides advisory services aiming to maximize client’s interest.


Our features

  • Financial advisor who acts only on behalf of the client
  • Notable M&A advisory track record achieved over the years
  • Valuation and negotiation ability that help realize maximum deal value
  • Access to global companies leveraging the IMAP network

In 2009 Pinnacle joined IMAP, an exclusive global M&A partnership with over 60 offices
in more than 40 countries, as the sole member from Japan, in order to strengthen
our cross-border M&A practice. By leveraging the network of partners, we provide
information on cross-border M&A opportunities and high quality execution services.

Pinnacle TT Slution Inc.