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The globalization, growth of emerging countries, sophistication of communication networks, and changes in corporate structures have been accelerating and are having tremendous impact on the business strategies of Japanese companies. In such era with drastic changes, M&A, which is a way to ”buy time”, has become a significant and efficient strategy option for enterprises.

Our members, whose professional careers span investment banking, management consulting, venture capital, public accounting and information technology, are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum value enhancement for your firm. Pinnacle is not affiliated with any particular group and provides service to you with neutrality and an independent position. Our networks in Japan and foreign countries also enable us to be a significant driving force in the M&A process.

We are the exclusive partner for the Japanese market in the global M&A partnership IMAP and our professionals, Japanese and foreigners, fluent in Japanese and various foreign languages will assist you on cross-border M&A transactions. Pinnacle with a track record in corporate revitalization transactions is also willing to assist you on both domestic and cross-border corporate revitalization transactions.

From the perspective of top management, Pinnacle is willing to assist you in creating and achieving your business and M&A strategy. Let us help your firm reach its full potential; let us help you reach the PINNACLE.

Pinnacle Inc. Chairman, President & CEO Ikuo Yasuda

CEO Profile

Chairman, President & CEO Ikuo Yasuda
Ikuo Yasuda
  • Former Country Head of Lehman Brothers and Head of its Investment Banking Division
  • Prior to the above, Managing Director of General Electronic International (Japan), in charge of Business Development
  • 22 years working experience in Long Term Credit Bank of Japan
  • Guest Professor of Kyushu University and Tama University
  • Director, New Business Association (NPO)
  • He is a delegate facilitator of the Medical Care System Association, and engages in social activities
  • Member of Keizai-Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) and Tokyo Rotary Club
  • Over 30 years of M&A experience
  • BA from Hitotsubashi University
  • Born in 1953 in Kyoto Prefecture
CEO Message